All interior painting and decorating - This includes the painting of ceilings, walls, woodwork (including doors and frames, windows and frames, skirting), fire surrounds, cupboards (including built in units or wardrobes) and floors. In addition doors, skirting and many other items of woodwork that can be stained or varnished.

All exterior painting and decorating - This covers all masonry surfaces whether rough or smooth, woodwork including doors and windows, cladding etc can be painted or varnished. Retaining and boundary walls are painted and clean lines given to make your property look smart and crisp. Whilst we are decorating the outside of your property, we can also clean and make sure that your guttering and down pipes are functioning correctly. More often than not they will accumulate moss and other debris from the roof, get blocked and spill over causing problems with the overflow of water which will rot fascia boards and penetrate masonry over time.

Paper stripping - We can strip existing paper from your walls and ceilings. Sometimes there are multiple layers of paper to remove which has often been painted over with water resistant paints and is therefore difficult to penetrate with the steam, thermal polystyrene liner and varying strengths and types of paste. Once this is done, we can assess the walls and see what preparation is necessary before painting. Quite often the steam from the wallpaper stripper will find any cracks in plaster that has 'blown' (i.e. has come away from the surface behind it and which will sound noticeably different when tapped compared to the solid wall). In this instance we can repair minor damage.

Floor painting, staining, varnishing and levelling - Floors can be painted as well as stained or varnished, we can also paint your staircase to complement a runner style carpet.

Spraying - All spray work undertaken and surfaces are protected. On site spraying available or items can be taken back to the spray booth.

Tape and Jointing - Existing work that needs fixing or new plasterboard that needs preparing before decoration.

Plastering - Minor repair work undertaken.

Sanding -​ We also use ​dustless sanding, which means virtually no dust.

Skirting and Coving - Remove and replace existing skirting/coving caulk, sand, fill, prime ready for two coats of topcoat.